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Prestige Home Pros, practicing excellence for over 20 years in the Greater New York City Area. We pride ourselves on serving our customers with fast and free estimates. We understand your needs may be urgent, so we do our absolute best to meet you for an estimate on your property within 24 hours.

For affordable pricing, you’ve come to the right place.

We work with each and every customer and meet them right where their budget is. When looking for Staten Island Painters, choosing reliable contractors that have a consistent and dedicated team is of the utmost importance.

Completing the job in a timely manner, assuring cleanliness with no mess left behind: And a supervisor present on site at all times is imperative to ensure your project 110% success.

We have options for every preference, and it is our mission to exceed customer expectations for each and every project we are assigned to.

Every customer we work with is of the utmost importance to us, and our staff is available for questions or concerns 24 hours and 7 days a week when you work with us. Developing a line of communication on that level will make all the difference in the end result. The finished product of your dreams.

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The size of the jobs that we have experience in range from one day jobs to month long projects. Experience in the residential and commercial field in NYC has given us the battle test experience to handle anything that is thrown at us.

Each project is different, and every customer is unique, so we make sure to stress the details of each and every part of the plan to assure a successful project and an incredible experience for our customers.

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Experience: Experience is the number one factor and asset to your project. You cannot teach experience and we’ve been in the game for over 20 years and have a team full of wise and knowledgable men that understand each and every detail that matters in the outcome.

Reputation: Dealing with reliable Staten Island Painters should be a major factor in the process of choosing the right contractors for your project. A reputable company is hard to come by, so choose wisely. We hold our reputation to an incredibly high standard and only hire dedicated professionals that are team players. We don’t cut corners here and never will. Our DNA and motto is that we are different. We are number one. We do things that the average don’t do.

Best Rates: We work to meet our customer where they are at financially, and offer competitive rates, price matches for our customers. We like to help as many people in the are as we can, so we will do our best to meet you with your budget. Aligning a project that suits you, your home and your long term needs. Simple and effective. Call today to see if we are offering our monthly special. They run out very fast, so don’t hesitate.

Team: Desired projects like yours cannot be handled by men that are not on the same page. It takes a team with a commitment to best serve customers to handle your project. We take pride in the process and every step of the way.

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Staten Island Home Improvement Contractors that are experienced, professional, and reliable while offering affordable rates are hard to come by. True professionals of the trade that have mastered the essence of complete home remodeling is of the utmost importance to you when choosing who to work with.

Our customers are senior to everything that happens in our business. It is what we drill into our team every single day. Always work on the customers project like it is yours and have respect in their home just like you would like the respect in yours. It is a simple thing to preach, but unfortunately other companies completely neglect this part of the contracting business. We got into this business to help people like you. We have only the concerns of the long term in mind.

We offer fast solutions and long term results. Attentiveness to detail and quality materials are extremely important in to ensure the up keeping of your property.

You may be sitting here still questioning the exact idea in mind. Going back and forth with several of the options you have in mind. Don’t waste your mind, thoughts, and energy.

Call us and we will suggest the best of those options and the one that will guarantee long term satisfaction. We can reference our completed projects in the past and can highly recommend certain ideas that would benefit you.


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Choosing the best kitchen remodeling staten island contractors will prove to be the number return on investment when looking to remodel your interior or exterior residential/commercial project.

We are happy to offer competitive rates that make it easy for you.

Our methods guarantee results that are long lasting and provide warranties for all of our customers for a certain period of time. For a fast and free estimate, reach out to us.

With the proper materials and the right team to help you on your project, the time the work is done, the results are a thing of beauty to see. Each detail and every step of the process is incredibly important to reaching your goals.